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  • 2000 lumen solar wall light for pathway

    Short Description:

    1. 3 lighting modes with PIR motion sensor
    2. Remote controller can adjust lighting modes and set timer
    3. Mixed warm and pure white color, glare-free to eyes
    4. ALS2.1 + TCS Technology for All Night Lighting even in Cloudy or Rainy Day.
    Application : Wall/Roadway /Garden/Park/Square/Pathway etc

    Product Detail

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    Model No.  SCL-03
    Lumens  3000LM(30W)
    CCT 4000k
    LED quantity  60PCS
    Power of solar panel  4.5V / 5W
    Battery Spec  10.4AH/3.7V
    Waterproof  IP65
    Charging time  10 hours
    Lighting time  6-8 nights
    Discharging temperature  -20℃~60℃
    Charging temperature  0℃-45℃
    Switch light sensor  ≥80 Lux, lamp off≤20 Lux, lamp on
    Light modes  M1: 120LM + PIR 3000LM (30S)M2: 240LM + PIR 3000LM(30S)

    M3: 400LM (without PIR) for 5 hours + 80LM (with PIR 3000LM 30S) until dawn;

    T: 100% brightness for 10 minutes, Double-tap in two seconds, 100% brightness timing for 20 minutes, The maximum setting is 100% brightness for 20 minutes

    (with remote control)

    Material  Aluminium alloy
    Warranty  3 years


    1. 3 lighting modes can be chosen by remote controller

    Red : M1: 120LM + PIR 3000LM (30S)

    Orange : M2: 240LM + PIR 3000LM(30S)

    Green : M3:  400LM (without PIR) for 5 hours + 80LM (with PIR 3000LM 30S) until dawn;

    T: 100% brightness for 10 minutes, Double-tap in two seconds, 100% brightness timing for 20 minutes, The maximum setting is 100% brightness for 20 minutes

    (with remote control)

    Press the switch for 1.5S to turn on and off, and short press to switch modes

    2. Power indicator show battery capacity

    Red : <50% power

    Orange : 80%˃ power≥50%

    Green : ≥ 80% power



    ALS (adaptive lighting system):When meet bad weather lack of enough sun charge,the system will do smart timely calculation for the remaining battery capacity and give max output efficiency use for long lighting time

    TCS (Temperature control system) when temperature over 60℃, TCS will cut off charging system to protect battery,when below 60℃, charging system will continue to work automatically




    Design Advantages:

    Modern and classy design are available for any section . Small body with big body , super good to sell in Amazon .

    solar lights Main Features:

    1. It is made of aluminum body , total different the cheap light in the market . Most of the are made of plastic ABS material with rigid body
    2. Easy to install and ship  - small body with big power (3000 lumen) in great performance.
    3. Our unique technology to make sure the light work well in rainy/cloudy days (5 days more).

    This series of products adopts new electrostatic coating technology, mainly professional building materials coatings, which can meet customers' requirements for product surface color and environmental harmony. At the same time, the product has high self-cleaning, strong corrosion resistance, and aging resistance, and is suitable for any climate surroundings. The processing technology is designed to be coated on the basis of hot-dip galvanizing, which greatly improves the product performance.

    Technical advantages:

    1. Environmental protection and energy saving

    Solar street lamp power supply relies on solar energy storage, which is more environmentally friendly and energy-saving than ordinary street lamps.

    2. Easy to install

    The installation of ordinary street lights requires the laying of complex pipelines, and the cost of installation and commissioning and artificial materials are expensive; solar street lights are easy to install and do not require complicated wiring, just a cement base fixed with stainless steel screws.

    3. Low maintenance cost

    In the old days, ordinary street lights needed a long time to maintain and replace the wiring and configuration, and the maintenance cost was high. This product only needs to be invested once, without any maintenance and management costs.

    4. High security Solar street lights are ultra-low voltage products with extremely low power supply during installation, maintenance and use, no risk of electric shock, not easy to break, and safe and reliable operation. 5. Long life: The life of solar lamps is much longer than that of ordinary lamps. The product has high technology content. The control system and accessories are intelligently designed and reliable in quality. In short, solar street lights have many advantages such as safety and no hidden dangers, energy saving and no consumption, environmental protection, easy installation, automatic control and maintenance-free.

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