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  • JFY ECM/ECH (square) 15KW High-effidency Intelligent off grid inverter

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    Wide range of voltage input;

    Wide range of DC voltage output, applicable for small-size veh icles, minibuses and coaches;

    Able to su pport up to more than 20 parallel modules;

    Applicable for integrated charging piles, split charging piles, specialtype charging piles, portable charging piles and moveablechargers etc;

    High efficiency:

    Wide range of voltage at full power;

    Adopting digital automatic current-sharing technique with high accuracy of current sharing;

    Peak efficiency up to 95%;

    Adopting the technology of three-phase active power factor correction with the power factor being 0.995 and the total harmonic current lower than 5%;


    Input overvoltage/undervoltage, output overvoltage, overcurrent, short circuit, overtemperature, undervoltage warning and other protective functions;

    Ultra wide applicable range of temperature (-40~+65°C) +50°C, applicable for kinds of extreme conditions;

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